Governing Documents
ACC Guidelines and ACC Form

  • CCRs - The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) sets forth the covenants between homeowners/residents and the Surprise Valley Homeowners’ Association. - pdf format
  • Articles of Incorporation -The Articles of Incorporation establish the Surprise Valley Homeowners’ Association and its various local neighborhoods - pdf format
  • Bylaws - The Bylaws clarify the governing requirements of the Surprise Valley Homeowners’ Association and its purpose and powers as a corporate entity.  - pdf format
  • Architectural Guidelines - The Guidelines have been prepared to establish standards that achieve and maintain a high-quality community image. These Design Guidelines serve to protect the qualities of Surprise Valley and should not be seen as roadblocks to creative design. - pdf format
  • Architectural Review and Approval Application - pdf format
  • SVHOA Activities for CY2017 - Powerpoint Presentation - pdf format 
  • Pressurized Irrigation Rules - pdf format
  • Homeowners Handbook 

Surprise Valley Firebreak is Featured in the Southwest Idaho Resource Conservation & Development Annual Report

Southwest Idaho Resource Conservation & Development Annual Report (pdf)
along with Boise Fire and Boise Fire Rehabilitation departments helped in the planning for this mile long hazardous fuels reduction project. The Surprise Valley Firebreak effort is featured on page 6. 

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