• July 12: Crews will begin trimming weeds along the North Rim beginning the week of July 18th.
    The work will take about a week to finish. The workers will follow the guidelines and restrictions listed below.  
    The following North RIM Weed Abatement guidelines will be followed:
            * Grass will not be cut shorter than 6 inches in length.  
            * Care is taken to keep cut organic materials from homeowner yards however, grass length, thickness, wind, etc. may all play a factor. Your assistance with community wild-fire mitigation may be needed. If organic materials are blown into your yard, please rake and remove. We appreciate it!

    Weed Abatement Prohibitions and Restrictions: 
            * The use of metal blades, chains, and similar metallic implements is specifically prohibited.  
            * All internal combustion engines used for fire mitigation activities must have a spark arrestor.  
            * The removal of shrubs, brush, and trees is prohibited, unless specifically approved on a case-by- case basis.  
            * Denuding the ground (removal of grasses down to bare earth) is prohibited.  
            * Herbicide applications are prohibited.  
            * Use of fire is prohibited.  
            * Planting of non-native vegetation is prohibited.  

    The following best practices will be observed:  
             * A fire extinguisher will be on hand.  
             * Crews will have working cellphone in case a fire is started.  
             * Hot equipment will not be laid on dry grass where it may ignite flammable grasses.
             * Refueling will take place on paved surfaces
  • Tennis lessons – Tennis Pro Bill McGrath will be offering tennis lessons to Surprise Valley residents, kids and adults this summer. Please contact bill at for additional details and pricing. 
  • April 6 - The board meets on the 2nd Monday of each month starting with the May meeting.
  • February 3 - Surprise Valley Firebreak is Featured in the SWIRCD Annual Report

About Surprise Valley

Surprise Valley is a pedestrian-friendly community located in southeast Boise composed of 418 single-family homes and 70 condos. The community is a blend of individual smaller neighborhoods, surrounded by 52 acres of beautifully landscaped open common areas and parks that are linked by pedestrian and bike pathways, including a three-mile stretch of the Boise City Green Belt and adjoining Boise City park.

The neighborhood boasts spectacular views of the Boise Foothills and is bordered to the South by natural bluffs and to the North by the Barber Pool wilderness conservation area. The east entrance to Surprise Valley can be accessed from the Highway 21 just south of the Boise River or three miles north of Micron Technology. The west entrance is found at the intersection of Amity Road and S. Surprise Way.

Surprise Valley is a family-oriented community and is well known throughout Boise for its neighborhood spirit and its mature, beautiful landscaping. Several picnics and gatherings are put on throughout the year and are well attended by homeowners.

The surrounding area offers proximity to several convenient shopping areas and restaurants. Downtown Boise, Boise State University, the Boise airport and the Outdoor Idaho Shakespeare Theater are also just minutes from your doorstep. Ten minutes up the road is Lucky Peak reservoir for boating and swimming. Surprise Valley children attend top rated Riverside Elementary, East Junior High, and Timberline High School, recently voted the top high school in the Boise School District.

Surprise Valley Firebreak is Featured in the Southwest Idaho Resource Conservation & Development Annual Report

Southwest Idaho Resource Conservation & Development Annual Report
along with Boise Fire and Boise Fire Rehabilitation departments helped in the planning for this mile long hazardous fuels reduction project. The Surprise Valley Firebreak effort is featured on page 6. 

Amenities & Facilities

Surprise Valley takes pride in providing an assortment of recreational facilities to its homeowners. The Farmhouse Community Center is available to rent for parties, meetings, and other events. In the summer, two pools and a small children’s pool provide welcome relief from the heat and serve as inviting, casual meeting places for neighbors and friends. A recently-upgraded fitness center is located in the lower level of the Farmhouse for your exercise needs. Surprise Valley facilities also include tennis courts (with Pickle Ball) and a community garden with irrigation is available to homeowners to grow their own vegetables. Miles of walking, hiking, and biking trails are also located throughout the neighborhood. 
Surprise Valley HOA Tennis courts

Tennis Court

Surprise Valley HOA Farmhouse


Surprise Valley HOA Farmhouse Pool

Farmhouse Pool

Surprise Valley HOA Community Garden

Community Garden

Surprise Valley HOA Pickle Ball Court

Pickle Ball Court

Surprise Valley HOA Satellite Pool

Satellite Pool

Community Garden

Surprise Valley HOA provides a community garden available with irrigation to homeowners to grow their own vegetables.

Garden rows are assigned to homeowners upon request. Homeowners are responsible to plant and maintain their assigned row, and assist with maintenance of the common spaces within the garden.  

For more information about the community garden, or to request a row, please contact Leslie Boson or

HOA Organization & Membership

Association dues are $200.00 per calendar quarter. There is also an irrigation assessment which varies according to lot size. Surprise Valley owns its own pressurized water system and has adjudicated water rights from the Boise River. Homeowners have access to non-metered, non-potable water for irrigation of yards and plants. The irrigation assessment, also billed quarterly, is either $30, $40, $48, or $60 depending on lot size. There is a title transfer fee of $400. The transfer fee is waived if you are a current Surprise Valley homeowner and purchase another home within the community.

    Payment of HOA Fees

  1. Payment by Check - Checks should be made payable to Surprise Valley HOA. For your convenience, a preaddressed remittance enfelop witll be included with your HOA bill, or you can drop your payment off at the Farmhouse.
  2. Payment by eCheck - Payment may be made using your bank's online Bill-pay service or eCheck - electronically debiting your checking account. Include your property address, and invoice number in the electronic payment; payable to the Surprise Valley HOA, 5240 S. Surprise Way, Boise, ID 83716.

Board Meetings

Board meets 2nd Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Farmhouse

HOA Board & Committees 
(Includes Board Officers, Board of Directors & Association Manager)

President – Tom Wicher 
Vice President –  Gary Wiggins
Treasurer – Steve King
Secretary – John Kirkpatrick
(Includes Board Officers, Board of Directors & Association Manager)

Neighborhood A:
(Overlook Condos) Terry Baird – Representative 
Alt. Rep. – 

Neighborhood B:
Suzanne Ennis – Representative  
Alt. Rep – Vacant

Neighborhood C:
Gary Wiggins – Representative –
Alt. Rep - Vacant

Neighborhood D:
Thomas Wicher - Representative -
Alt. Rep - Eldon Crockett – 

Neighborhood E:
Christa Schooley – Representative – 
Alt. Rep – Linda Peden –  

Neighborhood F:
Garima Dembla – Representative –
Alt. Rep – Kent Kalpakgian – 

Neighborhood H:
Steve King – Representative –
Alt. Rep – Vacant

Neighborhood I:
Madeline Orrock – Representative –
Alt. Rep – Cathy Ruim

Neighborhood J:
Steve Bowen – Representative –
Alt. Rep – Vacant

Neighborhood K:
Phil Emanuel – Representative –
Alt. Rep - Vacant

Neighborhood L:
(Canyon Point) Lisa Patterson – Representative –  
Alt. Rep – Vacant

Tom Wicher
Gary Wiggins
Steve King
John Kirkpatrick
Eldon Crockett 

Lorraine Kerr
Eldon Crockett
Steve King
Steve Bowen
Gary Wiggins

Garima Dembla
Suzanne Ennis
Crista Schooley

Steve King, Chairman and Landscape Manager
Steve King
Eldon Crockett

Neighborhood Manager

John Kirkpatrick
5240 Surprise Way
Boise, ID 83716

Contact Info

Phone: 208-368-0058

Manager's Hours

Monday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Wednesday: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Friday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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